Emilie Ilmeisesti (1992, Turku & Helsinki/Finland), studying bachelor of Fine Arts at Turku UAS Arts Academy, a graphic designer, a coffee drinker and a dog mom (2010-2019).
I have always loved art and I want people to enjoy it as much as I do.
I am passionate about creativity and self-expression, I believe that art is a powerful tool for motivation.

I have a strong connection to nature and my work is often inspired by the world around me.
I get my inspiration from my everyday life, usually from the pictures I take of my friends, or vice versa.

I like to pick the best moments of normal life and create art of it.
It’s exciting for me to change the mood completely from the original with different contrasts and saturated colors.
I want to capture small glimpses of fleeting moments when something has just happened - or is just about to happen.

That’s how I make it a new story. 
My art is a mix of expressionism, surrealism, sometimes a bit of realism on it. I usually make figurative art, favourite subjects being human faces. However, I'm constantly moving towards to a more abstract way of expression. It is interesting to travel to the mind, try to make the mind and thoughts visible. 
I mostly use acrylics, but I love to work on a project that allows me to express my creativity and explore different mediums. 
My works contains many thin layers, I carefully wash them off and then apply a little more.

The end result consists of bright but often surprising colors and small details. 
As an artist, I want to surprise, create aesthetic experiences, get your thoughts running, make time to stop for a moment and question familiar ways of thinking. Things are not always what they seem at first glance.

I lost my joy making art when I did not play with colors and all that I made was always realism.
So now i'm taking it back. 
Simply art makes me happy.

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Oil pastels on paper 29,7 cm x 21 cm 2021

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